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ULTRA Series® Overview

ULTRA Series® Overview


AMCS supplies standard industrial gas and liquid plants for the Energy, Chemical, Glass, Metals, Petrochemicals, Oil/Gas, Electronic, and Environmental industries that reliably produce low cost technical gases.  AMCS Corporation backs its highly competitive ULTRA Series®  plants with world-class engineering, installation, and support services from within Process Systems(PSG).  Each project is expertly managed with an emphasis on meeting deadlines and budgets, giving you the option for engineering and equipment or completely installed plant supply convenience depending your needs, all at an economical cost.

Our ULTRA Series® plant designs focus on modularity.  Innovative modular design saves you time, money and space. Many of the ULTRA Series® plants are pre-fabricated and tested at our facilities, then shipped and assembled at your site.  The delivery, startup and maintenance of ULTRA Series® plants are designed to be simple, regardless of the plants size.

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