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The ULTRA-M™ or ML Series

The ULTRA-M™ or ML Series

With the ULTRA-M™ and ULTRA-ML™ Series plants, AMCS offers you a low-cost solution for the gaseous or liquid oxygen cylinder filling market. These competitively priced plants are perfect for customers with new or expanding oxygen cylinder-filling needs.  The design of the ULTRA-M™ and ML series minimizes power consumption per cubic foot of oxygen produced.

Eliminate your reliance on bulk liquid or gas suppliers and take more control over your own business.  The fully automatic operation and minimal maintenance requirements free up your employees to perform other duties.

The ULTRA-M™ and ML Plants Provide:

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Independence from bulk suppliers and their price increases
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple relocation-The ULTRA-M™ and -ML Series plants are skid mounted and designed to be disassembled and reassembled by your crew with minimal training
  • Minimal footprint-engineered with space savings in mind
  • Globalized designs which are built to World Standards
  • Minimal maintenance requirements which are designed in-for instance, an oil-free turbo expander
  • On-line analyzers featuring a simple graphical interface
  • Typical 1-week installation from time of delivery
  • No liquid storage requirements

Special Options Available on ULTRA-M™ and -ML Series Plants:

  • Remote operation-control plant functions from wherever is convenient for you
  • Air cooling-no cooling water required-a big plus where access to water is limited
  • EU/Japan/China/Australia/Canada approvals
  • FDA validation
  • Factory-based customer training
  • Additional storage tanks and systems
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