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Industrial gases are playing a bigger role than ever in the production of all types of glass by providing manufacturers the ingredients to generate high-quality industrial glass products while reducing emissions.  AMCS ULTRA Series® plants generate industrial gases for owner operator or industrial gas companies that supply this industry.


  • Container
  • Flat
  • Fiber
  • Specialty i.e. tubular

Gas and Liquid:

  • Oxygen
  • Argon
  • Nitrogen

Application Examples:

  • Nitrogen , specific to Inerting and Purging in a Glass facility, is used to:
    • Protect and inert vacuum tubes during manufacturing and storage
    • Perform leak tests
    • Inerting in float-glass furnace
  • Oxygen, specific to combustion and chemical oxidation by replacing air in the Glass facility is used to:
    • Coat ceramic work pieces 
    • increase the performance of oxygen lances
    • improve glass ware finish by fire-polishing with Oxy-fuel burners
    • reduce environmental emissions
  • Argon, specific to low reactive gases, high inert capability, thermal conductivity and solubility in water and oils in the Glass facility, is used to:
    • To fill incandescent light bulbs when mixed with nitrogen
    • To fill florescent lamps
    • Improved insulation in high efficiency windows

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