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Industry Overview

Industry Overview

Gas and Process Plant Expertise

AMCS is a global leader in supplying industrial gas plants accessible to enterprises of all sizes and industries.  From concept through commissioning, and on to after sales service, AMCS offers proven expertise in technical gas plant technology. 

AMCS's staff holds numerous patents for industrial cryogenic gas plant innovations.  That expertise results in industry-leading excellence in planning, design, conceptual engineering, project management and operational technology.  Our complete line of computer automated ULTRA Series® plants have put on-site plants, with gas or liquid production capabilities, within reach of many companies for the first time.  AMCS' customer-driven culture ensures that every client receives the same responsive service and support regardless of project size.

AMCS ULTRA Series® Capabilities:

AMCS offers completely installed plants which produce cryogenic nitrogen, oxygen and pure argon in varying quantities to meet the targeted industrial gas needs of virtually every industry listed below including but not limited to:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Medical and Health Care
  • Construction
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Glass
  • Metal Production
  • Water and Waste Water

Nitrogen/Oxygen/Argon Basics:

Typical applications for nitrogen in its gaseous (GAN) form include its use as a raw material or inert gas.  Nitrogen in liquid form (LIN) is often used for refrigeration applications. 

General applications for Oxygen, which is used to enrich air, include combustion and chemical oxidation.  Oxygen can also be used for medical applications in liquid (LOX) or gaseous (GOX) form depending on the requirements.   

Argon, which is typically applied in its gaseous state, is often used in industrial applications due to its low reactivity.  It is selected in applications over nitrogen based on its higher inertness, lower thermal conductivity, as well as its improved solubility in water and oils.

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