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The ULTRA-N™ or NL Series

The ULTRA-N™ or NL Series

The AMCS ULTRA-N™ or NL high purity cryogenic nitrogen generator, which has the highest liquid make in its class in a compact, easy-to-assemble modularized design.  Our NL series is a liquid only nitrogen solution in the ULTRA-N™ series.  Employing state-of-the-art cryogenic nitrogen plant engineering, ULTRA-N™ Series plants generate 5 to 100 short tons per day (STPD).  For the ULTRA-N™ and NL Series, convenience of operation is designed in at every turn, with features including fully computer-automated operation, 100% at-grade maintenance access and the option to quickly disassemble and relocate the plant with minimal training.

The AMCS ULTRA-N or -NL Plants Provide:

  • Highest liquid make in class
  • No product compression
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Minimal footprint
  • Easy to relocate-fully modularized and designed to be disassembled and reassembled by your crews with minimal training
  • Outdoor installation saves indoor space and enhances safety
  • Simplified site preparation
  • Seismic IV/110 MPH-C design
  • Built to World Standards
  • Short field installation time
  • Maintenance from grade level
  • Flexible gas and liquid production-set output anywhere between 5 and 100 STPD
  • On-line analyzers for continuous monitoring
The AMCS ULTRA-N or -NL Plants Provide:

Special Options Available on ULTRA-N™ and -NL Series Plants:

  • Electronics grade purity (PPB)
  • Refinery environment package
  • Classified area
  • Remote operation-control plant functions from wherever is convenient for you
  • Air cooling-no cooling water required-a big plus where access to water is limited
  • Liquid Mizer Assist™
  • Energy-saving pipeline load following
  • EU/Japan/China/Australia/Canada approvals
  • Extreme Climate Package for smooth operation under the most grueling conditions

Simplified Process Flow Diagram

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