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Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper

Oxygen plays an important role in producing pulp and paper products.  Wet end processes such as washing, bleaching and pulping require a reliable supply of oxygen; effluent treatment like oxidation, wastewater treatment, and ozone sterilization allow these facilities to meet government mandates.    AMCS supplies oxygen plants and services for owner/operators or industrial gas companies supplying this industry.   ACMS industrial gas plants provide paper producers with the on-site capacity to meet demand for the industrial gases they need.


  • Bleaching
  • Pulping
  • Washing
  • Wet end

Gas and Liquid:

  • Oxygen

Application Examples:

  • Oxygen, specific to combustion and chemical oxidation by replacing air in the Pulp and Paper arena, is used to:
    • Reduce emissions by oxidation and waster water treatment
    • Bleaching of products through ozone oxidation

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